Federal Ministry for Health and Consumer Protection, Vienna Replies to the questionnaire on psychologists

This Document is a courtesy of the Commission of the European Communities, DGXV.
Its reference number is XV/E/58409/95 – Orig.: DE

Regulated by the “Psychologengesetz” (Psychologists Act),
Federal Law Gazette 360/1990

A. Structure of the Profession

Question n° 1.
The profession of health-service psychologist has been regulated in Austria since 1 January 1991 by the Psychologists Act (PG). The proper gender designations under Sect. 12 of the PG are:
“Gesundheitspsychologe/Gesundheitspsychologin” Health-service psychologists exercising the profession must use these designations.

Question n° 2.
Yes, regulated by the PG.

Question n° 3.
Psychologists Act. E.g. professional title (Sect.3), regulation of training (Sects 48), conditions for exercising psychotherapy (Sect.10), professional obligations (esp. Sects 13, 14, 15), entry in the professional list gives right to exercise the profession list is controlled by the Federal Ministry for Health and Consumer Protection. No distinctions between employment in public services and in private sector.

Question n° 4.
Practising psychology in the health services is reserved to health-service psychologists and clinical psychologists.

Question n° 5.
The profession of medical doctor specialising in psychiatry is a separate liberal profession.
The profession of health-service psychologist is a separate liberal profession.
These are two completely distinct independent liberal profession which are exercised on the basis of a specific training. Health-service psychologists exercise the profession on their own responsibility, independently of whether the activity is self-employed (own practice) or dependently employed (e.g. as employee in a clinic).
Reimbursement by sickness insurance schemes for health-service psychologists is not yet regulated.

Question n° 6.
The professional representation of health-service psychologists in Austria is on the basis of voluntary membership. The “Berufsverband Osterreichischer Gesundheitspsychologien – BOP” (Association of Austrian Health-Service Psychologists) has the following address:
Garnisonstrasse 1
1090 Vienna
Tel. 0222/407.26.71

B. Structure of Education and Training

Question n° 1.
Completion of university degree in psychology.

Question n° 2.
Theoretical training in psychology of at least 160 hours.
Practical training of at least 1480 hours, with at least 150 hours in the space of one year working in a relevant health-sector establishment, plus supervision of at least 120 hours.

Question n° 3.
The theoretical training must cover at least the content given in Sect.5(2) of the PG.
The theoretical training must take the form prescribed in Sect.6 of the PG.
Training establishments for the theoretical training have to be approved by the Ministry for Health and Consumer Protection, including vetting by the Psychologists Advisory Committee, although the actual recognition is given in agreement with the Federal Ministry for Science and Research.
Approved training establishments are also required to submit an annual report on their teaching/training activities to the Ministry for Health and Consumer Protection.