Questionnaire on Psychologists / Psychotherapists

This Document is a courtesy of the Commission of the European Communities, DGXV.
Its reference number is XV/E/58279/95

If both profession exist or if specialisms (such as clinical psychology) are regulated separately, please fill out a separate questionnaire for each regulated activity.

A. Structure of the profession

  • 1. Does a profession of this type exist in your country and, if so, what is it called ?
  • 2. Is the profession regulated? If so, move on to question 3; if not. move on to question 4.
  • 3. How is it regulated? (For example: reserved activities, protected title, employment in the public sector/public hospitals). Please enclose copies of the relevant legislation.
  • 4. If two or more professions exist, which activities does each cover ? (For example, is a psychologist or a clinical psychologist permitted to practise psychotherapy ?)
  • 5. How does the profession interface with psychiatry ? (For example, does treatment have to be prescribed by a doctor or psychiatrist in order to qualify for reimbursement under social security ?)
  • 6. What is the name of the body which represents the profession ?
  • 7. Which is the competent authority for the profession ?

B. Structure of education and training

  • 1. What are the requirements governing the taking-up and pursuit of the profession ?
  • 2. How long does education and training take ?
  • 3. Please give details of the course structure (for example: the proportion of time devoted to theoretical and practical components, the number of course hours and the subjects covered), and enclose a copy of the syllabus if possible. Please also indicate whether the course is offered at universities, other higher-education establishments, or elsewhere.