Replies to the questionnaire on psychologists/psychotherapists

This Document is a courtesy of the Commission of the European Communities, DGXV.
Its reference number is XV/E/58583/95 – Orig.: FR

A. Structure of the Profession

Question n°1.
A profession of this type does exist in our country, under the name of psychologue diplomé.

Question n°2.
It is regulated only for psychologists employed by the state, in accordance with the Law on differentiated education of 14 March 1973.

Question n°3.
The profession itself is not regulated. The title of psychologue diplomé comes under the Law on protection of higher-education titles. Access to the profession is regulated in the public sector.

Question n°4.
Only médecins-psychiatres may practise psychotherapy; strictly speaking, a psychologist currently practising psychotherapy could be charged with illegally practising medicine.

Question n°5.
Sickness insurance schemes do not recognise the profession of psychologist and do not reimburse treatment by psychologists.

Question n°6.
There is no central organisation representing the profession but there are various professional bodies, such as: – les Psychologues au service de l’Etat; – la Société luxembourgeoise de psychologie.

Question n°7.
The competent authority in all cases is the state, represented by its various ministries.

B. Structure of Education and Training

Question n°1.
The requirement to train as a psychologist is the secondary school-leaving certificate.

Question n°2.
Training lasts for at least four years at university level.

Question n°3.
Training consists of four years of university study abroad.