2.9.2. School psychological services

School psychological services provide individual assistance using psychological diagnosis, counselling and treatment methods. They do so in collaboration with the teachers of the pupil concerned and with the involvement of his/her parents. However, comprehensive counselling and, above all, therapy, may only be given with parental consent. Special data protection regulations apply to the way in which personal data (test results, counselling records etc.) is handled. The reasons for seeking the help of the psychological service may be of various kinds, from learning difficulties and psycho-social problems to conflicts at school, uncertainty about the choice of the school career, etc. To provide effective assistance that tackles the problems at their root, school psychological services collaborate with other counselling services such as the school health service of the local public health office, the careers advice service at the employment offices, the counselling units of the public youth and welfare authorities, paediatricians, neurologists and psychiatrists. School psychological services, however, do not only deal with individual cases. They advise teachers and schools on key issues with a psychological component like the assessment of performance, individual promotion and on conflicts. They may be involved in school pilot projects and help with in-service teacher training, particularly courses for counselling teachers.